Hottest hairstyles for the fall

As the seasons change, maybe you consider making a change to their appearance, too. You call your hairstylist to book an appointment, and you tell your stylist you want to try something new. Maybe it’s a new hair color, or perhaps a cut outside of your usual comfort zone — there are lots of ways to change your hair’s style.

Update: This article has been edited to reflect Craven's current place of employment.

I spoke with Courtney Craven — a Paul Mitchell: The School Michigan graduate, and current hairstylist at David Houston Salon - A Paul Mitchell Focus Salon in Shelby Township, Michigan — about how to switch up your look for the cooler months.

Make a color change — Courtney says that some of the most popular colors for this season are “lived-in, organic styles, like balayages and ombrés.” Ombré is when one hair color fades into another. Balayage is a hair dye technique that looks similar to ombré, but creates a more blended, dimensional, more natural looking hair color. “My favorite, though, is a combination of babylights and a balayage technique,” Courtney says. L’Oreal says babylights “mimic that blonde hue achieved if your hair is naturally lightened in the sun.”

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 • You don’t have to be dramatic to be different — Although Courtney says that some people will follow the trend of dying their hair dark for the cooler months, you don’t have to limit yourself. There are ways to make more subtle changes. “Some people most definitely still follow that trend, but I’ve noticed with younger adults, they more so change the tonal result of their hair or add a warmer lowlight to add depth to blonde locks,” Courtney says. There are different levels to hair color, and cool and warm tones. More dramatic changes may take longer, but subtle ones — like going up or down a few levels — are a quicker way to make a simple change.

 • Test out a new cut — Want to make a change without losing too much length? Try an angled haircut. “I’ve noticed a lot of guests are asking for haircuts that are angled, whether that be an angled lob or bob,” Courtney says. These styles are commonly shorter in the back of the head, and longer in the front. The length difference can be as subtle or dramatic as each person wants. If you’re unsure about different lengths and angles, layers might be more your style. “Guests are also into lots of texture within their cut,” Courtney says. Layers can add texture and volume to your hair by shortening sections of hair.

Via @courtneyxx_hair on Instagram

 • Don’t be afraid to make a change — Unsure of trying out a new look? Courtney says not to be afraid. “My advice for a guest that wants to make a big change is to just do it,” Courtney says. “Hair always grows back and color can always be corrected.”

Since your hair can always get back to how it was before, changing it is generally a low risk option. There are endless possibilities when it comes to changing up your style. Take the plunge and make a change! You can follow Courtney’s work on her Facebook page Courtneyhair, or her Instagram @courtneyxx_hair.

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