Furry and fashionable

Halloween is the most well known dress-up holiday. However, our furry friends have the spotlight January 14. National Dress Up Your Pet Day is a great opportunity to take silly photos of pets while also helping them keep warm in winter.

Photos by Arianna Endicott

The most famous dressed-up pet was Man Ray, a Weimaraner belonging to photographer William Wegman. Wegman first began photographing Man Ray when he got him as a puppy. Man Ray’s photos became so popular that the dog was named “Man of the Year” in 1982 by the Village Voice, a New York City newspaper.

In 1981, Man Ray passed away and Wegman swore that he was done with dogs. However, in 1985, Wegman was gifted a Weimaraner from a breeder. Te puppy was named Fay Ray, and she began modeling at a year old. Fay Ray posed for photos in roller skates,boots, coats, and hats. She used props such as chairs, an exercise bike, and beds. Wegman’s goal was to personify the dogs and put them in common human situations.

Founded in 2009 by the Animal Miracle Network, National Dress Up Your Pet Day is a fun holiday to celebrate our furry friends. Owners are encouraged to dress their pets in costumes and take a few photos to remember the day.

“I really used to enjoy dressing up my dog,” junior Taylor Knowles said. “Maybe I should get back into it.”

Sweaters are a great option, especially for dogs or outdoor cats,because they keep them warm while they look cute. Put the pet sweater on a dog before a walk, and they will certainly be grateful for the added warmth.

“It’s nice to see how helpful dogs can be, from leading the blind to calming cancer patients,” senior Brandon Brennan said. “We should do something for them, too.”

If a pet doesn’t mind something a bit more extravagant, many stores will mark down the prices of pet Halloween costumes after the October holiday is over. Animals can be anything from a lobster,to a firefighter, or even a princess.

“Some pets might think it’s ruff to have to wear a costume, but they look adorable,” senior Sarah Baniak said.

Pet-sized dresses, raincoats, socks and more can be purchased in a variety of sizes so that the outfit will fit the fuzzy friend just right.

For pets with an aversion to clothes, there are ways to make sure your pet is comfortable while still celebrating the holiday.

Dog collars with fancy designs, or even bow ties and ties attached, can be purchased online or from a pet store. Alternatively,bandannas can be tied loosely around a pet’s neck.

This holiday is a great opportunity to bond with a pet and make them feel like the center of attention.

Costume safety tips

  • Can the animal eat, see and hear? Pets must be comfortable to avoid injuring themselves due to getting scared.
  • Is using the bathroom easy? Preventing a pet from using the bathroom can cause health problems, leading to costly vet visits.
  • Is the pet comfortable? Pets can be distressed in costumes. Make sure the pet is happy.
  • Are there small parts to swallow? To prevent choking, make sure all small parts are removed from the costume.
  • Is breathing easy? Costumes should be loose enough to allow pets to breathe correctly.

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