Clearing the clutter out

Give your mom the gift of a clean house on Clean Your Room Day, May 10

Makeup desk organizer

Keeping makeup organized can be hard if there’s a lot. Desktop organizers can be found for $10 at a local office supply store.
Use the different compartments to organize. The sections can be used to hold brushes, mascaras and eyeliners. Small compartments can be used to hold lipsticks and eyeshadows.
Photo by Arianna Endicott

Hidden hats

Hanging up hats is the best way to maintain the shape of them. However, hanging too many things on your walls can make the room feel cluttered and cramped.
All that’s needed to hang the hats is a hammer and some nails. Simply hit the nails into the wall and hang the hats up. Alternatively, Command hooks could be used.
Photo by Arianna Endicott

Shoe shelf

When faced with a small closet, it may be difficult to find space for all the pairs of shoes on the floor. Instead of just stacking shoes, which can lead to a mess, it’s easy to create a short shelf specific for shoes.
First measure the length and depth of the closet. Measure wooden boards to fit. Drill the pieces together, put it in the closet, and fill with shoes.
Photo by Arianna Endicott

Clearing closet clutter

Keeping a closet organized doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here are some ideas to keeping order:
  • Clothing type: Keep sweaters, shirts and skirts separate to find exactly what you need.
  • Seasonal: Dressing for the weather is important in Michigan. Keep winter and summer styles separate to quickly find what you need.
Photo by Arianna Endicott

Containing clothing

Rolling clothes is best to save space when packing, but it is also a good method for saving space in a dresser. Rolling clothes allows for more clothes in one drawer. It also prevents wrinkling so there’s no need to spend time ironing the creases out.
Keeping clothing types separate makes it easy to find exactly what’s needed.
Photo by Arianna Endicott

Jewelry declutter

Jewelry boxes can make it difficult to view everything without it becoming cluttered. A hanging jewelry holder can solve this. They’re available from many stores, ranging from $10-$60.
For a cheaper option, there are a couple ways to DIY. Spray paint command hooks - available for $5 - and hang on the wall to create a necklace holder.
Photo by Arianna Endicott

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