The unsung birthdays

Students with birthdays on breaks anticipate celebration

Photo by Marina Utrabo from Pexels

As a little kid, envy filled the room as students brought in snacks and sweets to share on their birthdays. Everyone loves attention on his or her birthday, but students born during the summer or close to holidays may not ever have their birthdays fall on a school day.

As winter break inches closer, most students are upset that school continues through December 23, the day before Christmas Eve. However, this gives students with later December birthdays the opportunity to celebrate in school with all their friends. These students may have spent years seeing their friends in school with balloons, decorated lockers, and being sung to by teachers and friends.

Yet some students may say that it is more fun to have school off on your birthday. That way, you can spend the whole day with your friends and family, celebrating the way you want to, rather than being stuck in school.

When asked how they want to spend their birthdays, most people wouldn’t say that they want to spend the day in school. They’d rather spend the day with friends or family, instead of having to sit in school for six hours doing work.

However, I enjoy having my birthday in school. I can get balloons from the school store, receive birthday wishes from friends, teachers, and even students I may not know. I can always have a birthday party to celebrate on the weekends, or on days when school is out. That way I can have two celebrations: one in school and one on my own. Everyone wants to get attention on their birthday, and it makes people feel good when their birthday is acknowledged and people wish them a happy day.

No matter which one you think is better, be sure to wish a very happy day to your friends on their birthdays, no matter when they are.

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