Save your skin from snowy weather

Combat the dry winter air and save your skin for the spring using these products from Lush

For dry skin...

Mask of Magnaminty face mask: 4.4oz for $12.95 or 11.1oz $24.95
Use this face mask weekly to prevent breakouts, clean pores, and leave skin feeling clean. It’s good for most skin types, not just dry skin. The minty scent refreshes skin while it cleans.

Helping Hands lotion: $18.95
This lotion is great for keeping hands soft and moisturized. Made with chamomile and cocoa butter cream, the calming scent helps relax and leaves hands soft all day.

Butterball Bath Bomb: $4.95
This vanilla scented bath bomb is perfect for people who love to relax in the bath, and it creates softer skin! Fill the tub and drop this in. Allow it time to dissolve, then jump right in. Chunks of cocoa butter dissolve in the water, moisturizing and rehydrating skin while you sit in the tub.
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For normal skin...

Imperialis moisturizer: $24.95
While most people think that moisturizer is supposed to be used only for dry skin, it’s beneficial for any kind of skin. It keeps skin healthy and stops dirt from getting into pores to prevent breakouts.

Charity Pot body lotion: 1.7oz for $6.95 or 8.4oz for $25.95
This lotion will help skin stay healthy and hydrated all winter long. Plus, 100 percent of the money earned from purchasing this product will go to one of the many charities supported by Lush.

Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar: $10.95
This may feel like a bar of soap, but it’s really used to moisturize skin. Rub it in and it will feel like it’s melting. Because this massage bar is made with fresh strawberries and hibiscus flowers, it will leave skin smelling sweet and feeling soft.

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For oily skin...

Grease Lightning cleanser: $13.95
This cleanser is great for skin that is prone to breakouts. It cleanses skin of dirt and helps to control oil, which prevents future breakouts, as well as helping to quickly rid the face of current ones.

Herbalism cleanser: 3.5oz for $13.95 or 8.8oz for $33.95
This everyday cleanser exfoliates to clean pores and prevent breakouts. Mix a small amount with some warm water in your hand and lather all over your face to leave skin feeling fresh and clean!

Love Lettuce fresh face mask: $6.95
This face mask has calming ingredients to clear your pores, soften skin, and balance oil. It also exfoliates to remove the buildup of dead skin, which may clog pores. Smooth this face mask on a few times a week for soft, clear skin. Leave on for 10 minutes before washing.
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